Iza, Boyaca and what I’ve learned from Spanish

Two and a half months flew by! Colombia has given me a wealth of experiences, and I hope to have traded this generous gift by inspiring a few to travel and continue studying English. Fortunate for this experience, I realize that practicing gratefulness and continuing to try to understand and bridge the world together is a lifelong practice.

The road to thermal baths outside the pueblo

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Coming Home

It feels surreal. At the time of this post, I’ll be on a cross-pacific flight heading back home. Left from the West, arrived from the East.

I got to write part of this in Monkey Park, north of the city palace in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. It was my last few days in India. Rajasthan is known for its beaming and extravagant palaces, but I found a refuge from the chaos in a quite piece of city nature.


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Music in Goa

Goa! I never expected to fall in love with the place, the people, the culture. Even though it is in India, it is widely different from the rest of the country. More westernized.

Each day I spent was a new and unexpected twist, and I learned to love the scene. The music – whether electronic or instrumental, gave rise to the culture renown throughout the world. Learning how to create and dance through music.



In all the different environments of this unique Indian state I got the chance to meet people on internally extreme ends – those who came for a vacation, or to forget reality at home, or those who came to learn more about themselves and master a skill; dancing, sewing, singing, playing. And everyone on these mentally different paths coexist in this touristic conglomerate, with crevices and facets waiting to be discovered.

Rituals. Daily routines. Beach-side contemplative sunset walks.

My week in Goa stretched itself into two and a half… all because of the magical nights I spent there. I got to learn more about dance! Ecstatic dance.

It was therapeutic. I learned more how to let my mind calm down, and how to let my body freely explore itself.


One of the most memorable occasions was under a huge banyan tree, stretching far into the sky, with its fingers pointing in all directions. Barefoot, surrounded by other dancing feet,  spending the night together under musical flow. An electronic beat to guide us. The mentality was all the same, boldly expressed through our bodies; a release and deeper connection with movement.


It’s so strange that dancing can evoke such elated mental states. Movement under music seems to combine the ecstasies of self-expression with the realization of transience, every moment passing so quickly.

Inspiration gathered from all the active smiling people around.


On the long stretches of beach music could be found thumping well into the night. Letting the sand seep through our toes and time take us away.

I learned how to really let every part of my body express itself. And to let go of any expectations. I didn’t feel the urge to dance like others, and when I didn’t feel like dancing at all, I was able to stand and smile as the sound waves passed through and around me.


See you again, Goa!

I was a little nervous.